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Role — Graphic + Web Design

Clients — ōkta 

Agency — Happylucky

Year — 2022

Two-Michelin-star chef Matthew Lightner set out to create a bucket-list dining experience that would put the Willamette Valley on the map of global dining destinations. With plans for a constantly evolving menu that reflected seasons, changes in weather, and moods, the challenge was to distill his unique and ever-adapting creative vision into a brand that was as simple, meaningful and powerful as the hyper-local farmed-and-foraged courses he creates. We set forth developing a name, ethos and identity that are as articulated and poetic as the Pacific Northwest culinary experience itself. 
— Happylucky. (2022). ōkta Brand Development.

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 5.47.21 PM.png

Currently — Happylucky

Location — Portland, OR

Madison Bracken

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